Conversations Happening in the Travel Industry

What’s Game Theory got to do with Selling Travel?

As explained in Wikipedia, “Game theory is the study of mathematical models of strategic interactions among rational agents. It has applications in all fields of social science, as well as in logic, systems science and computer science. The concepts of game theory are used extensively in economics as well.” Said a little more plainly, game […]

The answer to the IT labor shortage in travel is through community efforts

Jumping into our time machine, back to the days of ACP/TPF, most airlines and eventually car/hotels (and banks) gathered around a booking solution from IBM (ACP/TPF) and Unisys (USAS). This was due to the fact when one purchased a mainframe you also got a copy of the res system complete with application code. Software as […]

New Impetus to Replace Legacy Systems

Companies have been trying, and oftentimes failing, to get rid of legacy systems for decades.  It was mostly an economic attempt to remove costs, but costs were often higher even where the migration happened. When it came to mainframe systems in particular, the replacement strategies failed to account for all the functions hosted and the […]

APIs and the Long Tail of Travel Content

In theory, APIs should be unlocking travel activities or “things to do.” There should be ubiquitous travel apps that not only have solutions for how to get there, but what to do. Better yet, you may reference an experience like a concert and a museum in another city and the app figures it all out. […]

Standards Silos Hurt the Travel Industry

Travel products such as air, car, hotel, cruise, restaurant, golf, tours, etc. are overwhelmingly purchased on an individual basis. Some trips only require one type of travel product, while most trips involve multiple types of products. Products such as hotels, restaurants, tours etc. could be bundled together for a better overall experience and price.   Technology exists […]

The Value in Industry Interoperability Efforts

Question! What is the value in participating in industry interoperability efforts? Does one only consider existing value such as message standards, or potential future value as well? Our thoughts: Through community efforts, organizations such as OpenTravel, have defined message standards and provided message examples for all the mainline travel functions across nearly every sector. Work continues […]

OpenTravel Architectural Committee: Call to Action!

Call to action! Be a part of a team of engineers and architects as part of the new OpenTravel architectural committee, pulled together by Technical Leader Stu Waldron. All to reboot OpenTravel, the committee’s role will be to determine technical direction, and advise the OpenTravel board.  First steps: to create and agree on a new mission statement that focuses […]

API Chaos and What We Can Do About It: API Specifications Conference 2022 with Stu Waldron

Did you miss the 2022 API Specifications Conference? No problem! We got you covered. Please find here Stu Waldron‘s presentation about API Chaos and What We Can Do About It: Who: Stu Waldron. Stu runs the travel special interest group at OpenAPI, and represents OpenTravel on the OAI board. Goal: To provide a different view of API […]

OpenAPI blog post

A Good Travel Experience Begins with One Single Booking Portal – How Open APIs Are Leading the Way https://www.openapis.org/blog/2021/10/25/a-good-travel-experience-begins-with-one-single-booking-portal-how-open-apis-are-leading-the-way

Travel Bliss from API chaos

OpenTravel is partnering with the Open API Initiative to fight API chaos in travel. Stu Waldron is the chief technical advisor for OpenTravel and has decades of experience integrating numerous suppliers into the API ecosystem. Stu is also the leader of the travel special interest group (sig-travel) at OAI. Today’s traveler is increasingly shopping for […]