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OpenTravel Rolls Out Enhancements to the Developer Environment Toolkit

Best known for the globally adopted industry-standard travel specifications, OpenTravel is also home to a robust tool kit that helps all parties of the travel ecosystem leverage and enhances the existing travel messaging. Find us on GitHub This Open-Source toolkit – known as OTM-DE – is available for download on the OpenTravel GitHub Repo. Designed […]

Open Letter From The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC)

FROM: GLORIA GUEVARA, President & CEO of the WTCC No one can doubt that we are in uncharted territory. The coronavirus pandemic means the world is facing a threat on multiple fronts not seen in peacetime. The Travel & Tourism sector is uniquely exposed, and we estimate 50 million jobs globally are at risk. To […]

OpenTravel Alliance Member LinksRez Gains NDC Certification Level 3, Bolstering Interoperability Capabilities for All Participants

For over twenty years OpenTravel has been promoting the adoption of data messaging standards in the travel industry and is excited to strengthen alignment between IATA and OpenTravel.

OpenTravel Messaging Business Functionality

The OpenTravel specification contains the building blocks for business functionality. With interoperability at its core, the specification’s object model design spans numerous travel segments. OpenTravel Messaging is designed to reuse elements across travel segments so that there is an easy to understand architecture that facilitates partnerships and ease of integration. In addition to established suppliers, […]

OpenTravel 2019A Object Suite Available for Public Review

OpenTravel is pleased to announce the 2019A 2.0 Object Suite Specification is available for public review. This release is primarily focused on hospitality and includes the messaging for pushing hotel content as well as requesting full or partial hotel content and responding to that request.   OpenTravel welcomes your comments, which can be entered here […]

Why Personalizing Through Direct Channels Isn’t Enough

By Stu Waldron, OpenTravel Board Member, VP Technical Architecture at Travelport

06/27/2019 – As a regular traveler, I’m getting more excited about the shift I’m seeing in hotels and hospitality providers who are working harder to personalize a travel experience unique to ME. We’re living in an era of personalization across almost all industries, fueled by our ability to understand vast data sets and it’s encouraging […]

2019 HT-NEXT: Reservations of the Future Presentation

04/10/2019 – How must reservation options evolve to appeal to next-generation guests and stand up to the ever-increasing competition along the booking path? In this session, OpenTravel Board Member, Stuart Waldron, shares insights into how the travel industry needs to address the demand for a cross-vertical platform that will create more seamless experiences for guests. […]

Overview: The OpenTravel Alliance

The OpenTravel Alliance is passionate about solving the problems inherent with connecting multiple systems within the complex travel distribution arena. OpenTravel’s mission is to engineer specifications to ensure traveler and supplier information flow smoothly throughout travel, tourism and hospitality. OpenTravel creates, expands and drives adoption of open specifications, including but not limited to the use […]