Architecture Committee

This architectural committee has been formed as part of the OpenTravel Alliance which is a non-profit organization serving the interoperability needs of all travel sectors. The focus has been on defining message schema as a common starting point for travel companies to talk to each other.  Companies include suppliers (air, car, hotel, rail, cruise,,,,), distributors (gateways, consolidators, GDS,,,,) and channels (OTAs or any customer contact point of the sectors already mentioned). Suppliers are generally API providers, distributors both API provider and consumer, channels generally API consumers. All three sectors do both pending needs to directly partner. A growing issue is the rising cost of creating and especially consuming APIs.

This architecture committee will quantify what is driving API costs and propose means to address those costs. This is in addition to working with business focused teams for functional needs such as behaviors for offers and orders to meet market needs. These behaviors would be embodied in updates to the OpenTravel model. The value proposition the architecture committee will strive to meet is to show any costs incurred, such as labor, by members is exceeded by cost avoidance and/or new revenue opportunities enabled by what the committee publishes.



Keith Heslop

Digital Transformation and Technology Innovation Leader


Sandy Angel

Senior Director, Technology & Information at American Hotel & Lodging Association


Steve Livezey

ID90 Travel CTO


Michael Hanley

Director, Distribution Systems at InterContinental Hotels Group


Jim Wood

LinksRez CTO


Jayamaheswaran Chinniah

Solutions Architect | Digital Transformation


Stuart Waldron

OpenTravel Technical Leader


Luis Weir

Senior Director at Oracle

Sabre Labs

Sundar Narasimhan

SVP Sabre Labs

Travel Technologies Consultant

Shailesh Pednekar

Solution Architect

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