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Why Join?

The catalyst for connectivity, the OpenTravel Alliance is the not-for-profit responsible for the technology that enables business partnerships to thrive by developing and maintaining interoperability for disparate systems. OpenTravel creates, expands, and drives the adoption of open, universal data specifications for the electronic exchange of business information among all verticals of the travel industry.

What is the object-model solution?

OpenTravel’s 2.0 object model solution is the next generation of open-source messaging that addresses the challenges facing the travel industry with improved development. An object-oriented model more closely captures data in a way that developers work, and is better adaptable to future development.
Object Model Solution Benefits 

  • Reduced Time to Market
  • Improved Consistency
  • Improved Simplicity
  • Improved Flexibility

The tools and technology offered in 2.0 enable companies to capture success faster, smarter, and more consistently, improving profitability and innovation.

What does OpenTravel membership provide?

The OpenTravel standard is a non-proprietary solution that is open to everyone. Because it is the common language uniting the travel industry, it’s important for every company to have access. However, there is far more to gain than simply access to the standard, or more simply put, generated messages. Membership unlocks the door to features that will truly have an impact on your development, and allows your company to influence advancements in the travel industry by prioritizing projects.

    • Obtain access to all features of OpenTravel’s 2.0 object model solution, including the repository which allows you to add, reuse, and extend objects, greatly reducing development time
    • Influence the priority of projects and work groups in order to more quickly accomplish goals that are beneficial to your company
    • Participate in any project team that is relevant to your company’s business needs
    • Initiate and lead a project team to address industry needs
    • Influence the structure of OpenTravel standards
    • Access member’s only documentation and websites, including education and tutorials
    • Get early access to specifications during member review periods
    • Speed time-to-market for new products and new partners
    • Lower the cost of implementation
    • Gain credibility in the marketplace through membership and participation in an accepted and respected industry standards body
    • Network with potential partners and potential customers
    • Participate in a community of like-minded distribution professionals from the leading companies in the global travel industry who are committed to open standards
    • Receive preferred pricing to OpenTravel events

Who Can Join?

OpenTravel is a not-for-profit trade association, and our primary focus is the creation of electronic message structures to facilitate communication between the disparate systems in the global travel industry.

Membership in OpenTravel is open to:

  • Travel suppliers, defined as any company with primary control of inventory, including air carriers, car rental companies, hotel companies, railways, cruise lines, insurance companies, golf course owners, motorcycle, water or bicycle tour companies, etc.
  • Distributors, including global distribution companies, wholesalers, aggregators, travel agencies and travel web sites
  • Solutions providers
  • Software developers and technology companies

OpenTravel Dues

OpenTravel dues are based on a company’s annual revenue, and membership terms are for one year.  All numbers in USD.

 Annual Revenue  Dues
 < $1Million  $950
 $1M < $5M  $2,250
 $5M < $500M  $4,500
 $500M < $2Billion  $7,500
 $2B < $5B  $9,500
 $5B and greater  $11,250

More Questions?

For more information, please contact OpenTravel Membership