Model Driven Development

OpenTravel’s Object Model Solution

Today’s challenges are not totally unlike those of the past from the OpenTravel Alliance’s unique perspective. The organization’s history is built on providing open source solutions for each of the verticals in the travel industry that are included in every individual’s travel experience.

As the only entity to have always focused on the end to end consumer travel experience, OpenTravel has again answered the call by providing an object model solution, also known as 2.0, that offers specific development answers for the industry to conquer technology challenges.

Object Model Features & Benefits

Object-Oriented Model – Reduced Time to Market

OpenTravel’s 2.0 is an object-oriented model, a model that more closely captures data in a way that developers work, and that is better adaptable to future development. Objects combine data and behavior, and use structure to define relationships. Once objects are established, they can be used again and again, but it’s also a simple process to create an extension for a proprietary solution. OpenTravel’s object model creates a smoother building process, making it easier to build individual APIs, maintain consistency to improve semantic search, and connect with partners.

Libraries – Consistency

OpenTravel’s object model includes libraries that collect object definitions and make them available for reuse in other objects. Libraries are organized by subject, and maintain consistent definitions through detailed class identity, removing both possible confusion and inconsistencies. Proper class identity should not be overlooked. With it, developers know how their code aligns with the code they’re receiving. Without it, developers spend hours sifting through details in order to properly identify various pieces of an application.

Repository – Simplicity

OpenTravel’s object model includes a repository that maintains libraries of developed concepts across all travel verticals. Items in the repository can be added as developed. The repository allows for existing objects to be extended for customization and personalization, and provides a method to make additions a permanent part of the 2.0 repository.

The repository also enables an improved method for versioning, which is a critical aspect of class identity. OpenTravel’s object model provides complete support for managing versions, simplifying the developer’s job of relating their code to the latest version.

Multi-Lingual – Flexibility

OpenTravel’s 2.0 is an object-oriented model whose objects can be exchanged using JSON or XML. Therefore, 2.0 provides a solution regardless of the preferred language.

By incorporating JSON, a lightweight data interchange format, and REST, an improved software architecture style, 2.0 reduces message weight which improves mobile compatibility by allowing app and widget development. 2.0 is designed in a tiered fashion, giving the developer the ability to choose the level of detail needed, allowing for ease in design of everything from lightweight applications for mobile use to full featured robust applications.

Why is the Object Model Revolutionary?

Whether or not business has prepared for this current reality, consumer choices are made in new ways that will continue to dramatically change the way suppliers address consumer demands. Differentiation for travel technology companies that are fighting to maintain and grow market share comes through speed and efficiency in their ability to capture transactional success, eliminate redundant developer efforts, create consistent applications, and ensure a seamless flow of information from booking to delivery.

Comprised of members from every vertical of the travel industry, OpenTravel is the only entity that has always focused on the total consumer travel experience, and knows that the seamless flow of travel information through the API economy is what will ensure success.

OpenTravel’s object model facilitates the seamless flow of information as it includes features that directly address the challenges ahead, providing the industry, and specifically membership, with the ability to capture success faster, smarter, and more consistently.

For more than a decade, the OpenTravel Alliance has provided successful solutions to the travel industry, and because of the strength of stakeholders, OpenTravel continues to identify future transactional needs while providing the necessary tools for travel companies to thrive.

Download the 2.0 Object Model here: