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Notice of update to DEx for HTTPS

In recent years many browsers and firewalls raised security standards so that all communications need to be secure. That means use of HTTPS versus HTTP. This affected the DEx tooling and the library hosted at opentravelmodel.net. Both have been updated to use an encryption security certificate.

For most the browser change has gone unnoticed. In most cases the HTTP in the URL is automatically switched to HTTPS. There is however a new version of DEx. If you are having issues go to the download page to get the latest. It’s a good idea to discard the .ota2 file (in windows stored with your user data) and let DEx start over. You may need to save project files or have other reasons not to delete everything in .ota2. If so, please follow the instructions located here.

DEx introduction page

For more information about DEx, click here.

What is the difference between an Object model vs Message model vs Resource model vs Data model?

In describing the OpenTravel model we use the term “model” quite a lot and it gets confusing. Here is a post about Amundsen’s Maxim which states “Remember, when designing your Web API, your data model is not your object model is not your resource model is not your message model” .

What do we mean by “Resource”?

In the DEx tooling we have an object type called a resource. This equates to what we assign a name (URL) which is becomes the API you publish. Here is a definition by Riverbed which also has a lot of the other terms we use defined.