How to Request a Change to the OpenTravel Alliance Codelist

Code List Procedures

The following procedures are to be used when requesting a new code or a modification or deletion of an existing code in an OpenTravel code list. Requests for the code list can be submitted at any point; additions or modifications or deletions to existing codes do not have a direct correlation with the OpenTravel release cycle.

Prior to submitting your request please verify the following:

  • There is not already a similar code in the list that meets your need
  • There is not already a similar code in another code list that is also referenced in the message that meets your need
  • Review the code list definition and usage guidelines if any, to determine that the code is appropriate for the code list that you are requesting

If you determine that a new code is needed, complete the following procedures:

1.)   Send an e-mail to the code list manager at Codelist@Opentravel.org containing the following information:

  • The code list name and the code list 3-letter code
  • The name(s) for the new code(s)
  • The OpenTravel message and element path where the new code is to be used
  • The reason for the new code and a definition for the code if it is not readily apparent


  • (Company Name) would like to add a new code to the Charge Type (CHG) code list to be used within the OTA_HotelDescriptiveContentNotif message set.
  • New code to be added to the Charge Type code list (CHG): Per unit
  • The code will be utilized under the Charge Element: OTA_HotelDescriptiveContentNotifRQ/HotelDescriptiveContents/HotelDescriptiveContent/HotelInfo/Services/Service/OperationSchedules/OperationSchedule/Charge/@ChargeUnit
  • This new charge type will be utilized for various fees, such as faxes (where a “unit” would be a page), telephone charges (where a “unit” might be per call or per minute), internet service charges (where a “unit” could be defined by a hotel as 15 mins, 30 mins) which can differ per hotel, etc.

2.)   The Code List Manager will review the request and if there are any questions will reply to the requester. Once the request has been approved for consideration OpenTravel Allaince will send the request to the appropriate workgroup(s) and the code list optimization team copying the requester.

3.)   The Requester will allow two weeks for questions and comments from the work group. At the end of this period if there is agreement on (or no objections to) the codes requested, the requester will send the same e-mail requesting the codes to the code list manager (codelist@opentravel.org), copying the workgroup mailing list(s) indicating that there have been no objections.

4.)   The code list manager will review the request and, if there are no issues, assign a code value to the new code and distribute the updated code list to the member requesting the code. If there is an issue (e.g., a code seems to already exist for the requested code), the code list manager may question the request by copying the workgroup distribution list.

Where possible, initiators should consolidate code requests from their workgroups before submitting them to the code list manager rather than sending individual requests individually.

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