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    You will receive an invoice for your membership dues within 24 hours of submitting this application. Dues are payable within 30 days. Full membership status will be conveyed once payment has been received. Signed and stamped receipts are available on request.

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    OpenTravel will not sell or share your contact information with third parties. If you participate in a workgroup, project team or committee, your name, email address, and telephone number will be available to other participants.

    Voting Rights

    While any member may participate in any workgroup or project team, member companies may only cast votes for board members and workgroup chairs and co-chairs representing their company classification (currently hotel company, rental car company, air carrier company, other supplier company or non-supplier company). The voting representative or voting alternate listed on this application will receive all election notifications and ballots. For further information on elections, please see the Procedures Manual.

    Terms of Membership

    • OpenTravel reserves the right to confirm membership level at the time of application
    • Membership is not valid until payment is received
    • Membership expires 12 months from the date invoice is issued
    • Memberships are non-transferable
    • There is no limit on the number of participants from a member organization (except for single consultants, whose membership is per individual)
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