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A Good Travel Experience Begins with One Single Booking Portal – How Open APIs Are Leading the Way https://www.openapis.org/blog/2021/10/25/a-good-travel-experience-begins-with-one-single-booking-portal-how-open-apis-are-leading-the-way

Travel Bliss from API chaos

OpenTravel is partnering with the Open API Initiative to fight API chaos in travel. Stu Waldron is the chief technical advisor for OpenTravel and has decades of experience integrating numerous suppliers into the API ecosystem. Stu is also the leader of the travel special interest group (sig-travel) at OAI. Today’s traveler is increasingly shopping for […]

Tackling the Problem of API Chaos in the Travel Industry

By Stu Waldron

How do we measure the amount and cost of API chaos in travel?

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WEBINAR: Travel Technology as a Force For Good & Open-Source A Major Opportunity

Register now! In the midst of an existential crisis, the travel industry is looking for a pathway to a sustainable recovery. Businesses are seeking to do more with less; be more efficient without making enormous financial commitments. People need to innovate, and remove the traditional barriers to technology adoption. This presents a real opportunity for […]

The Path to Recovery is Paved With Open Standards

Travel at its core is about experience. Television shows, Instagram feeds and travel blogs can get people excited about travel, but it never comes close to replacing the ability to be immersed in the experience. New – or maybe familiar – sights, sounds, smells, textures and tastes of “actually being there.” Travel is central to […]

Initial OpenAPI Industry Workgroup Meeting Draws Crowd Spanning the Travel Community

Last Wednesday, around 50 travel industry participants joined the initial OAI-Travel Workgroup call, a joint effort between the OpenTravel Alliance and the OpenAPI Initiative. Industry stakeholders met to facilitate collaboration and innovation within the travel industry and promote the adoption of open-source solutions. Representatives joined from multiple organizations and companies including Amadeus, Blue Cube Travel, […]

OpenTravel Rolls Out Enhancements to the Developer Environment Toolkit

Best known for the globally adopted industry-standard travel specifications, OpenTravel is also home to a robust tool kit that helps all parties of the travel ecosystem leverage and enhances the existing travel messaging. Find us on GitHub This Open-Source toolkit – known as OTM-DE – is available for download on the OpenTravel GitHub Repo. Designed […]

Open Letter From The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC)

FROM: GLORIA GUEVARA, President & CEO of the WTCC No one can doubt that we are in uncharted territory. The coronavirus pandemic means the world is facing a threat on multiple fronts not seen in peacetime. The Travel & Tourism sector is uniquely exposed, and we estimate 50 million jobs globally are at risk. To […]

OpenTravel Alliance Member LinksRez Gains NDC Certification Level 3, Bolstering Interoperability Capabilities for All Participants

For over twenty years OpenTravel has been promoting the adoption of data messaging standards in the travel industry and is excited to strengthen alignment between IATA and OpenTravel.