Stuart Waldron Director VP System Architecture Travelport

Stuart Waldron is the VP of Technical Architecture at Travelport leading the transformation of travel content acquisition and distribution. He is also a former board member of the OTA and longtime member of the OTA architecture work group.

Prior to this, Stu was the lead architect at Amtrak for ResNG on their next generation reservation effort, leading internal and external (OTA) efforts to define a rail common service model for commodity reservation functions. Before that, Stu was the architect for global Travel and Transportation in the IBM Distribution Industry business unit. He was the overall technical lead for IBM solutions, relative to the travel and transportation industry (air, car, hotel, ground), including a travel industry framework and rail offerings. Stu was responsible for coordinating the various technical and product teams in IBM, as well as IBM strategic partners. Stu left IBM after 23 years as a Senior Technical Staff Member and was a member of the Enterprise Software Architecture Board and other technical forums.

Stu has over 30 years experience in the T&T industry, starting in 1977. He has been deeply involved in every major upgrade of reservation and departure control systems for the North American airlines and active with many international carriers as well. Stuart has worked for Eastern, United, and American airlines. He was also chief architect at Sabre responsible for the next generation GDS system. In rail, Stuart has worked at the French railroad (SNCF) to reinvent passenger reservation services to meet the needs of high speed rail traffic. Stuart has also worked with India, China, Italy, Egypt and other rail carriers as they work to modernize their passenger service system.