OpenTravel Challenge

Please Note:
The OpenTravel Advisory Forum has been postponed. The OpenTravel Challenge will still take place.

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To develop a culture of innovation and creative thinking in where boundaries and constraints are removed and teams are given the freedom to collaborate and think about the problems in the industry and propose innovative solutions to resolve those problems utilizing OpenTravel Standards.

Challenge – The Evolution of Connectivity in the Travel Industry

Join our first team-based Challenge to evolve OpenTravel’s ability to respond to disruption and innovation in technology. Bring your ideas to accelerate awareness, implementation and global adoption of current and future OpenTravel standards. As a team or alone, stand and be recognized as you deliver your solution to the judges and your peers. Each team has the potential to collaborate and influence the direction of OpenTravel and its integral role in the travel distribution ecosystem.

Example Topics:

  • – Implementing a common data dictionary
  • How OpenTravel can bring unification within the open standards marketplace
  • OpenTravel managing a set of cross vertical API (service) definitions.
  • Anchor of a shared view of the customer or reservation (intent of the effort)
  • Smart documents how they can be shared on behalf of the consumer or industry
  • Privacy – Secure identities
  • Make 2.0 support dialects such as NDC
  • Bring your own idea

Criteria for Judging

  • Likely to be adopted by a critical mass of travel participants
  • Solves a “pain point” in distribution and solves a current industry need or problem
  • Implementable, Affordable, Efficient, Effective, Interoperable
  • A driver for membership and participation in OpenTravel Workgroups and Project Teams

Who are the Challenge Contributors?

All registered participants from project managers, to developers, innovators, designers, business developers, marketers, revenue managers, and more form interdisciplinary and cross functional teams to foster innovation and generate winning ideas.


The teams could be self-formed prior to the challenge starting. Any participants who do not have a team before the start of the challenge could be accommodated in an existing team or a new team formed. Teams can spend as long as they want working on their problem within the duration of the conference with a definite start and end to the challenge.


Advisory forum keynotes, selected speakers, and industry leaders.


Mentors will be available throughout the Challenge to provide guidance and direction to the participating teams. As well as providing guidance, the mentors also walk around the teams acting as a sounding board for the teams and challenge the teams to widen their perspectives and consider their solutions from many angles.


Attendees are encouraged to provide ideas prior to coming to the Advisory Forum and OpenTravel Challenge as well as onsite formation of teams.
At the end of the challenge all teams will pick a spokesperson/s to present their solutions and findings on their chosen idea, problem, and/or proposal. Presentations can take any form, i.e. coded application, a mock-up prototype, a story board presentation or any other creative way of presenting an idea. Teams have 5 mins for their presentation to the judges.


A collaborative working space will be provided for the challenge to create an atmosphere and energy that fits well with the Challenge. Resources such as the following will be provided:

  • Mobile white boards and markers for all teams
  • Flipcharts
  • Wifi network
  • Stationary (pens, pencils, notebooks, sticky notes)
  • Projector for final presentations with connectors for both android and iOS devices
  • Refreshments


Prizes made available to the winners as follows:

  • 1st Prize to the best team
  • 2nd and 3rd placed teams also recognized