OpenTravel Challenge

OpenTravel Challenge 2.0 – Interactive Roundtable Session:
Solutions for the Consumer Travel Experience Utilizing OpenTravel
April 12, 2018
16:00 -17:00
RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre, Congress Centre

Provide a setting of innovation and creative thinking to collaborate and brainstorm about the opportunities and problems in the industry and propose solutions as part of the OpenTravel Strategic Plan. A big question to be explored, is does OpenTravel expand its role to be the center of a trust model as a neutral third party to exchange value beyond its current model of a not-for-profit trade association focusing on the creation of electronic message structures to facilitate communication between the disparate systems in the global travel industry.

Roundtable topics for consideration:

  • How OpenTravel can avoid duplication in the open standards marketplace for example making 2.0 support dialects such as NDC
  • OpenTravel managing a set of cross vertical API definitions for the industry
  • How OpenTravel can act as an anchor of a shared view of the customer, reservation, contracts, etc. on behalf of the consumer or industry.
  • Privacy – Secure identities
  • Next steps with Hotel 2.0 and other OpenTravel Workgroups and Project teams
  • Bring your own ideas

All participants are encouraged to participate and share their best ideas. There will be table leaders and roving experts to help stimulate discussion.

At the end of discussion periods each table will select a person to present the idea/s of the table.

These ideas will form part of the basis of the activity, themes and role of OpenTravel and what will be incorporated in future education, workgroups, project teams and hackathons going forward.