OpenTravel Alliance Member LinksRez Gains NDC Certification Level 3, Bolstering Interoperability Capabilities for All Participants

The OpenTravel Alliance member LinksRez announced it has received NDC Certification Level 3. IATA New Distribution Capability – or NDC – is growing adoption amongst airlines and has similar functionality to OpenTravel Messaging. By achieving this certification, LinksRez will advance the OpenTravel mission of interoperability across the entirety of the travel vertical.

“LinksRez and OpenTravel are at the forefront of interoperability and is excited to be in a position to bridge the decreasing gap between OpenTravel Messaging and NDC,” said Brian Bell, President of LinksRez and member of the OpenTravel Governing Board. “For over twenty years OpenTravel has been promoting the adoption of data messaging standards in the travel industry and is excited to strengthen alignment between IATA and OpenTravel.”

The dev team at LinksRez is a regular contributor to OpenTravel workgroups evolving data messaging standards specializing in hospitality, golf, ground transportation, and air. LinksRez is a member of the OpenTravel Alliance and IATA.