API Chaos and What We Can Do About It: API Specifications Conference 2022 with Stu Waldron

Did you miss the 2022 API Specifications Conference? No problem! We got you covered. Please find here Stu Waldron‘s presentation about API Chaos and What We Can Do About It:

Who: Stu Waldron. Stu runs the travel special interest group at OpenAPI, and represents OpenTravel on the OAI board.

Goal: To provide a different view of API requirements to a largely highly technical group of attendees.

According to Stu: “As technicians, we work hard at creating specs that lay out the rules of the road for building good APIs. We focus on the technical details needed to write good APIs, rather than focusing on the impacts on the API consumer.  Despite our assumption that our good APIs would be easy for the API consumer to use, that consumer is faced with hundreds of good API that basically do the same thing differently. This is certainly true in travel.

API may be good and comply with spec but may still require the consumer to write custom code to deal with variances in behavior. Variances can be anything from how variables and path statements are used to workflows and parameter passing. Issues that come at no value to businesses, just added costs.

In industries like travel dependent on APIs to make large scale digital retail work, these needless added costs drag everyone down. Good APIs are useless without consistent behaviors across API providers.”
-Stu Waldron, Technical Leader

Join us at OpenTravel as we lead the community efforts to make API more consistent, as well as good, and drive down costs for all!

Post by: Kristina Giacchetto, LinksRez (https://lnkd.in/eEz6SQxJ)