DEx AWS AMI Instructions

The scope of this effort is for any person interested in viewing or eventually changing the OpenTravel 2.0 common model via cloud based instance of DEx. See other pages to get a better understanding of DEx. The intent is for this to work on any major cloud vendor but we need to start somewhere and are using AWS. It is a fairly simple approach to provide an AWS Machine Image (AMI) that one can pull into their own EC2 instance. The AMI has DEx installed and running along with access to a read-only copy of the common model. In a work session with DEx, you would create a project where you would define messages and services based on the model. You may also compile the resources (APIs) defined in that project to get .xsd, swagger, or OAS 3.0 output. You may take those artifacts to publish APIs. All those updates in the context of the project you set up would be stored in your EC2 instance. If you create your own AMI from that, it’s up to you. The AMI OpenTravel provides remains unchanged. A key point to understand is any EC2 costs is linked to the users’ AWS subscription. The cost of running the AMI you copy from, is on OpenTravel.

As a statement of direction, OpenTravel plans to keep updating this capability so that users may create extensions to the model (i.e. not read-only) and provide a means that those extensions remain private or become part of a workgroup for merging back into the common model. There will also be common use dev tools like collections and mock services in a common use sandbox to better understand existing APIs or work with other users on API exchanges.
There is interest from users and vendors to update DEx to be more useable and possibly a plugin to other commonly used environments like Visual Studio.

You will find the step by step instructions here. We will try to add comments and hints on this page as we get feedback.
One immediate hint is if you create your own EC2 instance, choose ubuntu. That is what DEx is running on and hence the AMI created. That should not be necessary, just selecting the DEx AMI should be enough, but some have had an issue.
You will also have to send your AWS account ID to OpenTravel so that the DEx AMI image can be updated to share with that ID. We’re not leaving it open for just anyone to grab a copy. Request access below.

OpenTravel Access to DEx AMI

Request to have your AWS EC2 instance to be added to the DEx AMI share list