Frequently Asked Questions for Members

What is the OpenTravel Developers Network?

OpenTravel has built the OpenTravel Developers Network (ODN) for work groups and project teams in order to support the collaborative nature of OpenTravel schema development. It is the official OpenTravel repository for work group and project team documents, includes resources such as the code list, an event calendar and other useful information. Some content on the ODN is password-protected for members only, but several pages are publicly available, including the work group and project overview pages, along with some discussion pages.

How do I request access to the OpenTravel Developers Network?

Anyone can view the public pages of the OpenTravel Developers Network. Members may gain access to the protected areas of the site by self-registering. Access requests will be reviewed and approved, if appropriate, within 24 hours.

How can I be added to a work group, committee or project team mailing list(s)?

Contact the specification manager and you will be added to the appropriate mailing list.

How often should I participate in the work groups?

You can participate as much or as little as you can. However, consistent participation in the work groups ensures the work group and your organization the most benefit. This is especially true if you are trying to have updates or changes made to the specification and documentation. It is also important if you have already implemented messages and want to ensure the specification remains stable and that any changes made are appropriate for your organization.

What’s the difference between a work group and a project team?

Work groups are organized by vertical (hospitality, transport, travel integration) while project teams are generally organized by function (vehicle exchange, promotional message, etc.). A project team is a part of the most appropriate work group, although any member can participate in any project team, regardless of the vertical(s) their company serves. Schemas are created or modified by project teams, and project team work is reviewed by the work groups. For more information about OpenTravel processes, download the OpenTravel Procedures Manual.