OpenTravel Virtual Hackathon Challenge


Create a web-based application that enhances the connected consumer’s travel experience in a unique way, utilizing at least one of the provided APIs that implement OpenTravel messaging. Your goal is to present an innovative solution that enhances the connected consumer experience for the travel industry.

Some examples include:

  • A traveler is working with a specific budget, create a way for them to easily plan and book their travel while staying within their budget constraints.
  • A new user experience that improves the decision-making efficiency for the travel consumer.
  • Create a backend tool used by travel agencies or travel product suppliers to support the travel consumer.

Be creative and think outside the box. Happy hacking!

Virtual Hackathon APIs

Thank you to our three API providers for this hackathon:

MASAI Mobility Community (M2C) – M2C’s APIs focus on ground transportation in the areas of long-distance bus*, transfers and touristic services*, car sharing* and co-working space. Please keep in mind that many of these APIs apply to a specific geographic area and that should be considered for use. Click here to access the APIs.
LinksRez – The LinksRez APIs focus on the areas of hotel*, car rental* and golf*. These APIs allow for searching, checking availability and booking inventory. Click here to access the APIs.
IATA NDC – IATA NDC provides APIs for Air Travel. These APIs do not implement OpenTravel messaging, however IATA NDC is a partner of OpenTravel and the air messages may be a useful addition to your application. Click here to access the APIs.

*Indicates that this API implements OpenTravel Messaging.

To access hackathon details: