OpenTravel Alliance Releases 2018A 2.0 Object Model Publication for Hospitality

Release Covers Key Functionality for Hotel Bookings

Austin, TX, USA – (May 22, 2018)OpenTravel Alliance, the not-for-profit responsible for developing and maintaining interoperability for disparate systems in all verticals of the travel industry, has published the 2018A 2.0 Object Suite Publication. This release is primarily focused on hospitality and includes functionality for key actions associated with booking a hotel.

Functions of the 2018A Object Suite Publication include searching for hotels, checking availability, creating offers and orders and booking reservations. Part of the larger 2.0 Object Model, 2018A Object Suite Publication affords implementers with the same benefits, such as scalability and message customization and personalization. The specification contains both XML and JSON messaging, WSDLs and Swagger, documentation and examples, as well as supporting artifacts.

By incorporating JSON, a lightweight data interchange format, and REST, an improved software architecture style, 2.0 reduces message weight which improves mobile compatibility by allowing app and widget development.

David Velasquez, SVP technology and distribution at LinksRez said, “Developing an updated Hotel Distribution Messaging standard is challenging because it has to accommodate so many unique implementations while providing a path from previous versions.  Implementing a new messaging standard is also challenging because of the vast support and capabilities the model provides.  OpenTravel, it’s members, and the next generation messaging simplify that process.

“The standard is extremely easy to interpret and more human readable compared to previous versions and other standards,” Velasquez said. “Our experience developing a product based on the Hotel 2.0 standard had been relatively simple and very efficient timewise.”

2.0 is designed in a tiered fashion, giving the developer the ability to choose the level of detail needed, allowing for ease in design of everything from lightweight applications for mobile use to full featured robust applications.

“We’re thrilled to provide a significant hospitality piece in the 2.0 Object Model,” said Susanne Auinger, OpenTravel Board Chair. “2.0 answers the demands of the travel industry with a solution that, among other advantages, is even more flexible for various use cases. It will be exciting to see how greater adoption of the 2018A 2.0 Object Suite Publication improves the experience for all users.”

More information on the benefits of the 2.0 object model can be found at https://opentravel.org/resources/object-model-solution/

The 2018A 2.0 Object Suite Publication is available for download at http://opentravelmodel.net/pubs/specifications/Specifications.html

The foundation of consumer direct bookings, OpenTravel’s standards are responsible for travel industry connectivity, and every day, tens of thousands of OpenTravel message structures are in use, carrying tens of millions of messages between partners. Because of the strength of stakeholders, OpenTravel continues to identify future transactional needs while providing the necessary tools for travel companies to thrive.

About OpenTravel Alliance
OpenTravel Alliance is passionate about solving the problems inherent with connecting multiple systems within the complex travel distribution arena. Our mission is to enable the future of travel by driving the evolving digital experience for consumers. OpenTravel Alliance creates, expands and drives adoption of open specifications, including but not limited to the use of XML and JSON, for the electronic exchange of business information among all sectors of the travel industry.

OpenTravel Alliance is comprised of companies representing airlines, car rental firms, hotels, cruise lines, railways, leisure suppliers, service providers, tour operators, travel agencies, solutions providers, technology companies and distributors. Tens of thousands of OpenTravel Alliance message structures are in use, carrying tens of millions of messages between trading partners every day.

OpenTravel Alliance is a not-for-profit trade association, founded in 1999 by travel companies, with a primary focus on the creation of electronic message structures to facilitate communication between the disparate systems in the global travel industry. For more information on OpenTravel Alliance membership, new products, or projects, please visit http://www.opentravel.org or email info@opentravel.org.