API Specifications Conference 2022

OpenAPI Initiative’s API Specifications Conference (ASC) is a place for API practitioners and enthusiasts to come together and discuss the evolution of API technologies. ASC includes cutting edge technology keynotes and sessions that chart the future of APIs with in-depth specification and standards discussions.

Stu Waldron presented an overview of API chaos in the travel industry. You can click below to see the video.

If you want to get the pdf file, click here.

You can find the OpenAPI playlist on YouTube here. There is a lot of fantastic content there, I encourage all to check it out.

The ASC covered a wide range of topics. Sessions on various types of API tooling. Several speakers addressing update to the automation of mock tests. More capability to introduce variability into tests in terms of data or workflow. Other speakers provided great information on GraphQL and AsyncAPIs. In addition to a lot of information to help the developer was more discussions on operational and business aspects. Not just looking at the issues in managing a large number of APIs as a provider but also the needs of the API consumer. For example what is the nature of a breaking change and how it affects all involved. A welcomed change in focus from just the needs of individual developers to the needs of industries heavily dependent on APIs to run their business.