Christian Kameir OpenTravel Alliance Technical Advisory Board Sustany Capital Blockchain Technology

Christian Kameir is a managing partner at blockchain venture fund Sustany Capital in Newport Beach. Mr. Kameir has been a technology entrepreneur since the dial-up days and led the merger of two of the earliest internet service providers in Europe, after which he immigrated from Germany to California to establish an international investment firm. After founding a Yelp-predecessor in 2004, and selling the operation in 2008, he joined the board of several high-tech companies. In addition to majoring in business, he studied classical literature, is certified in NLP and a graduate of Muenster’s School of Law. He is known for publishing one of the first law blogs in Europe and drafting laws for the open telecommunication market, specifically innovative services. Mr. Kameir is a member of Forbes Finance Council and seasoned public speaker on topics ranging from high-tech investing to blockchain solutions.